Daniel Garber interviews Amie Williams, Brian Austin, and Melissa Austin about the new doc We Are Wisconsin

Posted in Cultural Mining, documentary, Hotdocs, Politics, Protest, Resistance, Uncategorized, US by CulturalMining.com on June 3, 2012

ImageOn Tuesday, June 5th, the people of the State of Wisconsin will vote whether to recall Governor Scott Walker because of his unprecedented attack on the state’s public sector. A new documentary (that played at Hotdocs 2012 in Toronto) called We Are Wisconsin looks at the events that led up to this recall election. After the Republican Governor tried to pass a law eliminating collective bargaining, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, social workers, students, labour leaders, activists and many others — over 100,000 of them — converged on Madison and occupied the Capitol building.

I spoke with the film’s director, Amie Williams; Brian Austin, a policeman from the capital who started the Cops for Labour brigade, and associate producer Melissa Austin.Image

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