Strange Sons. Movies Reviewed: The Boxtrolls, The Guest, The Notebook

What are boxtrolls? They’re trolls who live in cardboard boxes. Well, they don’t actually live in them; they wear them. And, like box turtles, whenever there’s danger, they retract their heads, arms and legs until they look like ordinary cardboard boxes. Trolls have pointy ears and crooked teeth, and, oh yeah – they kill babies and eat them! Or at least that’s what the people in the faraway town of Cheesebridge more.

Daniel Garber talks with Sono Sion and YOUNG DAIS about Tokyo Tribe at TIFF14

Tokyo Tribe is the name of a new movie based on the manga by Inoue Santa. It’s a fantastical epic shot as a hip-hop musical, full of crowds, choreographed fights, a constant beat and more flashing lights than a pachinko parlour. It’s directed by Sono Sion, known for Guilty of Romance, Cold Fish, and Why Don’t You Play in Hell?. He’s always testing the limits of what can be shown in a film… and then going beyond that limitation. The movie stars YOUNG DAIS, a well-known Japanese rapper, doing double-duty as a movie star. It opened at The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF14), as part of Midnight Madness. I spoke with director Sono Sion and rapper YOUNG DAIS at the Royal York more.

People’s Choice. Movies Reviewed: The Imitation Game, Honeymoon

It’s WWII. The British have captured Enigma, one of Nazi Germany’s secret devices. All their military messages use that encryption machine. Cracking the code could mean an early end to the war and countless millions saved. Alan Turing — a shy, super-intelligent mathematician and Cambridge – is asked to visit the Bletchley Radio works – actually a branch of MI6. They need him to join the team and solve the puzzle. Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) probably got an “F” as a child in the “plays well with others” more.

Dark Humour at TIFF14. Films reviewed: A Pigeon Sat on a Branch…, The Editor, Wild Tales, Magical Girl

It’s a dangerous time at a 1970s Italian movie studio. They’re shooting a sexy horror film, but someone keeps stabbing the stars. Luckily, Ciso (Adam Brooks), the one-handed, master film editor, is there to rework the scenes and save the footage. But Detective Porfiry (Matthew Kennedy) thinks Ciso is the killer – and he’s gonna take him down once he finds the evidence. But he has to navigate round a suddenly blinded wife, devious movie stars, and a razor in a black-gloved more.

Le déclin de l’empire français. Films Reviewed: Run, Corbo, The Gate, Far From Men at TIFF14

It’s 1966 in Montreal. Jean Corbo (Anthony Therrien) is a third-generation Canadian, a francophone, and the grandson of Italian immigrants who were imprisoned by the RCMP as enemy aliens in WWII. His family is rich – they live in Town of Mount Royal – and he’s sent to a Catholic private school. Then he has a chance encounter with two “ruffians” leaving pamphlets in the school. He likes what they say… especially the young woman, Julie, who works as a waitress in a diner. Who are they? What do they want? It’s the FLQ! (Quebec Liberation Front) more.

Daniel Garber talks to Albert Shim and Igor Drljaca about their new film In Her Place at TIFF14

Three women come together in a run-down farm in rural South Korea: A beleaguered single mother struggling financially; a troubled daughter with an unwanted pregnancy; and a rich woman from Seoul. She’s moving in with them for awhile. And what brings them together? An unborn foetus. The mother wants it to go away. The daughter is struggling with internal conflicts. And the rich woman wants to take the future baby In Her Place. IN HER PLACE is also the name of a new dramatic feature about family, names, order and chaos, gain and loss. It’s made by Toronto writer/director Albert Shim and producer and collaborator Igor Drljaca. Their films have played more.

An Interview With Derek Hayes, Author of the New Book “The Maladjusted”

I've read all of your stories many times, but now I'd like to hear you talk a bit about them. There's a tone of black humour in this book, Derek, but would you say most of the short stories in your new collection, The Maladjusted (October, 2011, Thistledown Press) are comedies or tragedies... and why?

Derek Hayes: I think they are tragic for some of the characters, but not in any way that matters to anyone but themselves. And for this reason I hope readers will find the stories funny. I'm interested in characters that for their own personal, deeply-rooted reasons... (read more)


Strange Sons. Movies Reviewed: The Boxtrolls, The Guest, The Notebook

Daniel Garber talks with Sono Sion and YOUNG DAIS about Tokyo Tribe at TIFF14

People’s Choice. Movies Reviewed: The Imitation Game, Honeymoon

Dark Humour at TIFF14. Films reviewed: A Pigeon Sat on a Branch…, The Editor, Wild Tales, Magical Girl

Le déclin de l’empire français. Films Reviewed: Run, Corbo, The Gate, Far From Men at TIFF14

Daniel Garber talks to Albert Shim and Igor Drljaca about their new film In Her Place at TIFF14

Daniel Garber talks with Alanis Obomsawin about her new NFB documentary Trick or Treaty? premiering at TIFF14

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