Daniel Garber talks to Michele Josue about her new documentary Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

Posted in Cultural Mining, documentary, LGBT, Movies, Uncategorized, US by CulturalMining.com on February 20, 2015

Michele Josue, Matt Shepard is my Friend, Daniel Garber at the movies, culturalmining.com, CIUT 89.5 FM15 years ago, in the fall of 1998, in Wyoming, early one morning, a 21 year old man was found tied to a wooden fence. His name was Matt Shepard — he was badly beaten and died soon after in hospital.

Matt was gay, and he was murdered out on the prairie in Laramie, Wyoming by two men in a notorious case of gay bashing. After his death, his case became emblematic of violence against LGBT youth.

Afterwards, his parents fought to expose and expunge homophobic e1430ce2a8ac9f60aef2fb20345463e1violence, and his name is forever associated with this movement. His death is now well known, but his life is not. What about his family, his friends, his likes and dislikes?

A new documentary, Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine, aims to fill in those gaps. It tells about his life before he died. It’s a tender personal story, told by a woman who knew him well. Her name is Michele Josue, and she made this film which opens tonight in Toronto. I talked to Michele at CIUT 89.5 FM about friendship, Matt’s life, how she met him, his family, a cardboard box, hate crime legislation, Switzerland, University life, Wyoming, The Laramie Project…and more!

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